You now have the chance to join the XPUNKnation. We are the first and only PUNKmunity of the XRP Community. There are only 10,000 of us XPUNKS around. So, PUNK up or be PUNKed!


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XPUNK Roadmap



We will continue to Brainstorm ideas with the community and as loyal punks, we vow to always take feedback so that we can continue to innovate and collaborate. We love our fellow XPUNKS and believe that we can’t do this alone. Transparency & fellowship among punks is the way.


You can buy XPUNK vouchers on any XRPL DEX (Decentralized exchange), such as dex.onxrp.com, Sologenic, or on Bitrue. A tutorial for buying XPUNK tokens on the DEX can be found here.

Links in the video:

– Sologenic

– Trustline

– XRP Toolkit

To buy XPUNK tokens on a centralized exchange, please visit the exchange.

Head over to nft.onxrp.com, connect your XUMM wallet and redeem you XPUNK voucher.

Holding a minimum of 0.5 XPUNK token gives you the ability to mint an NFT. This means that for every full XPUNK token that you hold, you can mint two NFTs.

We are waiting on the XRPL to vote on the technical infrastructure to fully enable NFT’s. Currently there is a proposal by Wietse Wind. He created a proof of concept called XLS-14d, but it is not flexible yet. Furthermore there is a XLS-20d which is built directly by Ripple devs, and also RippleX has a few proposals lined up regarding the implementation of the NFTs.

XUMM already supports XLS-20d, but this is still in closed beta. We know that the current standing of XPunks gives us a good seat at the table (thanks to all of you and the amazing dedication of our community!), and we are ensuring that your wishes are implemented in this project. You can also expect polls in the future regarding important decisions that have to be made, and we will make sure to bring that information to the right places at the same time.

On the design side, we are in a very comfortable position. We have around 40 attributes of which we are in the process of selecting the final set. The generator is working perfectly and we are very satisfied by the results. Expect regular attribute showcases!

Yes. We have a working generator and we love the results it generates. We currently have 40 attributes which we will implement in the generator as soon as we are 100% satisfied with the collection of attributes. 

When the Ripple NFT infrastructure is available, we will generate 10,000 unique XPunks with attributes according to a rarity distribution. We are currently thinking of distributing rarities among the XPunks according to a classic pareto distribution. More details on this will follow. Furthermore, there will be rare easter eggs which will not be showcased before launch. 

Previously, we communicated that we are implementing fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs) on the XRPL, this would provide huge opportunities for buyers that do not want to buy 0.5 or 1 XPUNK. This is new territory. Therefore, we are exploring this possibility very extensively and we will communicate further details when the technicalities are all rock-solid!

There will be more giveaways. No more airdrops of the XPUNK token. Have a look at question 13 for our loyalty reward program.

The maximum supply of tokens is set at 5,000. The issuer account is blackholed, this means that there is no possibility for this number to increase.


Little over 2,200. The announcement page in Discord is a good place to keep track of the activities regarding this.


Yes! We are KYC verified.

When NFTs are enabled on the XRPL, we will be present on one of the relevant marketplaces. We are in contact with marketplaces and relevant parties. More details will follow when the timing is right.

We have not set a date for this yet. When it happens, we will for sure announce it to everyone.

You can reach out to our customer support team on Discord by making a ticket, they will gladly help you out!

As a thank you for current holders, we will airdrop half the supply of a new project to everyone holding at least 0.5 XPUNK token. At a random time in the future, before the mint, a snapshot will be taken of current holders. This will be a random moment to give the loyal holders a fair chance and to avoid a pump and dump. The airdrop of the new token will happen after the minting of the XPUNK NFTs. More information will be provided as we progress with this project.

The XPUNKS projects has a number of airdrops planned out, here we will discuss the official airdrops one by one so that all our holders know what to expect:

Loyalty reward airdrops

The loyalty reward airdrops will be our most important airdrops. These airdrops entail token drops of future projects of the XPUNKS core team to holders of 0,5 XPUNK tokens, at a 1:1 ratio. The exact moment that the snapshots of these airdrops will be taken, or have been taken, will not be disclosed until after the airdrops. We do this to avoid pump and dump.

Airdrop form

The airdrop form is an airdrop of 50 XPUNK tokens which we will airdrop to people who have filled in our airdrop form. These tokens will be dropped at the moment the XPUNK NFT mint is available. The airdrop form can be found here: https://bit.ly/3C4gZbc

Incubator drops

In order to help promising new projects, we have initiated the incubator drop procedure. We are continuously talking to other projects on the XRPL, and whenever we find new promising projects who show us that they are able to deliver their objectives and who are willing to work in a transparent manner we offer them to airdrop a part of their airdrop supply to our XPUNK holders. This way, we make true on our promise of giving XPUNKS holders a first class ticket to the XRPL NFT domain and we give new promising projects the exposure they deserve.

These incubator drops happen randomly, we try to do as many as we can, but it is important to us that we only drop quality projects to our holders.


Welcome Punks. We are the XPUNKS. A limited series of 10k generated XPUNKS. You can recognize us by our X marked mouth. Our goal is to be the face of the XRP community. Many of you have been here in the XRPCommunity for a while, truly believing in the potential of the XRPL and its token XRP. Now you will have a way of showing the world: We are the Founders of the XRPCommunity, We are the Founders of the New World.


Founder & CEO

Responsibilities: Marketing, PR, strategy, and technical development oversight

An XRP veteran that has love for the internet and the cryptosphere. Experience with startups and building great teams. 


Founder & COO

Responsibilities: Design, business administration

Bastiaan is a business manager with a passion for design and internet culture.


Creative Director

Responsibilities: NFT-designer, graphic design & organizational support

An XRP fanatic and the creator of the 10,000 uniquely generated XPUNKs.

Henk ter


Responsibilities: Development, oversight and providing Technical Advice

Henk has 12+ years of experience with multiple coding languages and platforms. He can’t wait to take his experience into the XRPL space to help the ecosystem grow as a whole.


Community Manager

Responsibilities: Community manager and organizational support

Koen is by now basically synonymous with the XPUNK community. He is the backbone of the XPUNK organization and is a blockchain connaisseur. 

Bryan -

Team Member

Responsibilities: Merchandise store supervisor and socials

Bryan is a derivative trader, and avid (crypto) investor. He has been investing for 5 years and is currently studying International Business.


We are glad to have you on board the core XPUNK Community. We will not sell or share your data, but might contact you with important updates. Updates will first be given by email, before sharing them on socials. This is to reward the core XPUNK-community!


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Welcome loyal XPUNKS. We are glad to have you on board the core XPUNKCommunity. We will not sell or share your data, but might contact you with important updates. Updates will first be given by email, before sharing them on socials. This is to reward to core of the XPUNK-community

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