Over 9000

'What does the scouter say about his power level??'


Adding a little character to our XPUNKS.


This XPUNK is up to no good. But he looks pretty darn good!


Let's not talk too much about bats... Thangs however!!!!


HEE-HAW partner. This is a Hog-Killin' attribute!

X-Games snow Hat

Gotta stay warm, but gotta stay cool.

X-Games Racer hat

I hope you're fast enough to get your hands on this attribute!

Rasta w/ hair

We liked the rasta hat so much we added another version.

Club master

This one makes me want to watch Wolf of Wallstreet...

Polar Neck

Or... Turtle neck. This one gives me cozy vibes!


Just you wait until you see this one with other attributes...


The year is 2020 and smoking is bad for you...?


Danger zone! This dangerous looking XPUNK gets it...

Neutral Hair

This is the hair of the future. Not short, not long...

Blue suit

Is the blue suit just a suit or does it represent the police?

Candy cane

This attribute just came out of the candy store

Black Sunnies

Hopefully, the weather allows us to wear the sunnies!

Army helmet - Rare

Representing every member of the XPUNKS army!

Army helmet - Rare

Representing every member of the XPUNKS army!

Fancy scarf

One of the most iconic fashionwear in web3

Cigarette halfway

Halfway? Did this XPUNK change its mind halfway?

Lab glasses

The prof is experimenting with metadata in the metaverse


Yep, we are 420 friendly and sporting a pipe!

Bubble Gum

Who doesn't like bubblegum bubbles?

Straw hat

Straw hats are in style with our XPUNKs!


Never miss a beat with this music loving XPUNK.

Witch Hat

New witch hat... Who dis? Our witch XPUNK got a make-over!

french blondie

A pain au chocolat and a café sound lovely for this XPUNK.


Or... French plaits. Regardless, this reminds us of vikings!

classical pipe

Hmmm... Yes... Quite... any Sherlock fans here?

3d glasses

Of course we had to add these bad boys to the series.


Omega Alpha Zeta 4 lyf my bros!


I am about to sing Beyonce here. Let's not do that till mint!


Whoever mints this one is gonna make everyone look silly.

Chef Hat

What's cooking, good looking (XPUNK attribute that is).

King of Kings

Will you mint this insanely rare crown? I sure hope I do!

Silver glasses

Reminder that there is always a silver lining in life

Smoke weed glasses

Those glasses represents everybody having a thug life

Ear piercing

The boldness is off the charts! It pierced its ear!

Cyberpunk glasses

This XPUNK has a do-it-self attitude, peak Punk-style!

Nose Piercing

This attribute is the sign of rebellion against traditionalism


Turns from friendly, cheerful clown to villain

Brown mustache

The classic mustache, it never goes out of style!

Small glasses

Would you take the red pill or the blue pill?


What? Bob Marley XPUNK? Let's do it!

Pig tails

IT's time for the lady dos! Isn't her hair pretty?


One of the original XPUNKs. Wind, Fire, Air and Earth!

Harley Q

This sexy haircut will leave you gobsmacked!


This XPUNK is too cool for school! LITERALLY!


Analysing body heat temperature... beep... beep...


Give this XPUNK a bass guitar cause he is FUN KY!

I'll be back

Nothing like a futuristic pair of sunnies to start to week.

the Duchie

Pass the attribute to the left hand side... Couldn't leave it!

X-Games space

Part of the rebels! Like every XPUNK should be!

Back to the future

Let's all hop on so we can mint this bad boy already!

The frida

We needed to have this one in... I mean come on!


Are you as bubbly as this XPUNK?

Elf hat

This XPUNK lives on the north pole and is a great helper!

Shinobi - rare

Has finally attained Hokage status on the XRPL!

Titanic hair

The popularity has sank, could this haircut come back in style?

Hipster beany

It looks like stereotype prisoner clothing, but even less is true

Square cut

Got a sharp haircut, charged to protect the XPUNKS tribe!


Did it lost one eye in a fierce battle or due to clumsiness?


This XPUNK is so kind he deserves multiple partners


A teenage girls favorite choice. A fashion fad


Even some of our XPUNKs are royalty.


This XPUNK dreams to one day become Hokage of the XRPL!


'Adam of your labours'... The monster's real name.

The nixon

This iconic haircut is one of our favourites!

The Schwartz

We revamped our haircut for the one and only.

The cop

This XPUNK is the law! Stay safe with this attribute!


This cigarette attribute is SMOKING! (no pun intended)

X-games firefighter

The only thing hotter than fire is this attribute!

Elven Head ring

This majestic looking attribute takes me back to LOTR.

Phat cigar

Remember, don't inhale... Any Al Pacino fans?

Quick Plangas

Where are my Dutchies at? This one is iconic in Holland!

Hoodie Down

The hoodie can go up and down. They can mix too!


Our first rare attribute. This one will make your drip irresistible.


Ho, ho, ho ... Will you mint this before Christmas?


Wears its haircut with pride. I already see it dancing!

Nasty hair

How come this be so nasty? Did it dive in the mud or sewer?

Pom Pom Hat - Rare

Did you know pom pom hats actually have a function?

Green regular hair

Green hair seems a bit out of the box but it fits well

Green regular hair

Green hair seems a bit out of the box but it fits well

We've all been there

The eyes never lie, this XPUNK is still there.

Hunter hat

Hunting in the coldest environments, is no problem